Wednesday, 3 November 2010

Union Jackals – Universal Screenplay

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The formation of this band was conceived in a dream involving other world abduction before they duly dubbed themselves Union Jackals because of their inclusive nature and an obsession with “canine beasts with a sixth sense to scavenge the good and the fresh from the myriad of rotten.”

Anyway, this has led them to their debut album, ‘Universal Screenplay’, an album that is looking on the large side of life, dreaming of what might be, what could be, what probably won’t be.

Union Jackals cross the different paths of their existence, and their weirdness, to overcome making this a song by song album. ‘Universal Screenplay’ is a theatrical long player that delves into classic Brit-pop synth, chill out and 80s psychedelia and doesn’t have workings men’s clubs, backrooms or support slots in mind.

It takes a while to get going with ‘We Are The Human Race’ and ‘Press Reset’ barely getting close to the realms of exciting and it’s not until ‘Prologue’ instrumentally meanders it’s way to the acoustic ambience of ‘I Am The Sun’ (“I lose myself making plans, release yourself while you can. I Am The Sun, burning the sea, rolling as one, holding the key,”) that this 
London trio briefly begin to shine.

It doesn’t last though and the immediately preceding ‘Racing A Horse’ falls back into their monotony and ‘Red Channels’ is a spaced electronic affair that dabbles with a creepy voiceover that continuously insists: “Join with the jackal pack.”

Frustratingly, while Union Jackals desperately try to avoid it, they’ve fallen into the category of being a star gaze synth pop band looking lovingly back towards the 80s and 90s. ‘Universal Screenplay’ continually tries in vain to draw you into their other worldly mindset and get you on board with their so called Jackal Pack but despite the theatrics, it’s really quite boring.

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