Wednesday, 12 January 2011

Chapel Club - Surfacing

Released January 17

Hall Nothing

After spending almost all of 2010 on the road and building on their ever growing fan base, Chapel Club are welcoming 2011 with their new single ‘Surfacing’.

Having being recorded back in 2009 and receiving non-stop hype by an array of radio scenesters this London four piece have only released a smattering of recordings prior to their forthcoming debut album, ‘Palace’.

The band are clearly taking their time, letting their music brood in the shadows it was born from and waiting to be crowned kings of 2011.

Unbridled passion rings through ‘Surfacing’ and it’s thick with reverb and tasteful suspense while vocalist Lewis Bowman croons: “Stars shining right above you, night breezes seem to whisper I love you,” through the chorus with rich instrumentation creating star gaze soundscapes.

It is all very familiar and although this isn’t something that should work against Chapel Club, it does make them difficult to separate from like-minded misery guts.

Either way, keep them on your radar.

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