Sunday, 23 January 2011

Roadeo Massacre - If You Can't Smoke 'Em Sell 'Em

Released January 31

Smoky Carrot Records

When Rodeo Massacre met in Paris and got ripped off by ‘dodgy’ producers they decided to escape the corrupt ways and tyranny of the big bad French and relocate somewhere honest, somewhere the land stands true to what they believe, somewhere that is lead by true leaders.

Somehow they ended up in London. Probably a Sat Nav blip, but as it goes they’ve done good.

It’s with charm and grace that Rodeo Massacre slink themselves into ‘If You Can’t Some Em, Sell Em’ with Izzy Lindqwister’s ghostly vocals (“waiting for the rain, waiting for the rain, waiting for the rain to come”) glazing the mix of ‘Desert Man’ with call to arms horns sending this blues rinsed vibe into new realms of pleasure.

There is an arresting presence to the opening of their debut that rings through in true fashion, while being slick with loaded drums and well orientated organs, the jam-like nature of the record grabs you by the balls and if it wasn’t for the lack of scuzz and uncooked production it could have you screaming from the roof tops.

Leading single ‘Mama Told Me So’ shows the band for the “60s garage band for the 21st century” they label themselves (if the 60s had the luxury of digital technology) as and there are enough organ spiced grooves to set your hips free before ‘Deadly Bite’ returns to laid back spooky blues.

There are times when ‘If You Can’t Smoke Em Sell Em’ is off the chain. Not only because the vocals are shit hot and the arrangements are equally so, but because you can tell this is an experimental debut, something that isn’t quite there yet and is a sheer melting pot of ideas with ‘I’m 18’, ‘Woman’ and ‘Sneaky French Love’ showing there are many strings to their bow.

All of which makes Rodeo Massacre a very exciting prospect indeed.

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