Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Eagulls – Council Flat Blues


February 14

Not Even

If you like your ranty, vaguely punk and rebel rousing anthems then look no further then this Leeds five piece.

After earning the BBC ‘Tip Of The Week’ nod there has been a bit of chatter about this Yorkshire based band, as well as being snapped up by Moshi Moshi’s sister label, Not Music.

Eagulls are ready to kick up a stink but not before they’ve tried to melt your heart as their debut single inexplicably begins with a long build up of spell binding sounds of a sonic nature that send you to a far-away place before it quickly spirals into garage rock oblivion to reawaken angry veins and heart conditions.

The angst that runs though the blood of Eagulls is as clear as the brightest sky as they bark and scream their way through ‘Council Flat Blues’ with an unmistakeable passion that resonates through the airwaves like a riotous protest.

This is not for the faint hearted and only advance with caution, this is not for everyone.

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