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Pete Yorn - Pete Yorn


February 7

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After recording this self titled LP in just five days with Pixies front man Frank Black on the spur of the moment back in 2008, Yorn really is beginning to show himself as something of a work horse.

‘Pete Yorn’ follows up last year’s brace of albums, ‘Back & Fourth’ and ‘Break Up', a collaboration with Scarlett Johansson, and displays all the sensibilities that are so regularly associated with the 36 year old.

As always, the Yorn wears his heart on his sleeve as he trudges through eleven unremarkable, yet very likeable songs that cover torment, angst and love. They’re subjects that Yorn likes to make you familiar with and lead single ‘Precious Stone’ opens up with swooping melodies and lightly crunched guitars to set up an early highlight before ‘Rock Crowd’ (“Rock crowd throw your arms around me, feel glad when y’all surround me, it’s you it’s you who grounds me, when you’re done put me back where you found me,”) shows the dogged nature of Yorn’s music with happy sing along moments that are geared up for summer loving.

The subtle crunch of the guitar builds throughout the album and all of a sudden it’s becoming apparent that Yorn’s relationship with his electric guitar is growing, ‘Pete Yorn’ is more rock than his debut musicforthethemorningafter and his A list collaboration last year and the raw and visceral emotion brings Black’s mix to life.

Yorn’s eponymous new album might take a few listens to earn a place in your heart, and when it does it’ll be somewhere near the back, but it will be there and it’ll make you smile.

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