Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Tom Tom Club – Genius Of Live


February 7

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After forming thirty years ago, ex Talking Heads members Tina Weymouth and Chris Frantz have been having fun.

Tom Tom Club are a band that prey on good times while having a smile on their face when playing the tunes they love and ‘Genius Of Live’ is a concoction of tracks taken from the  infamous ‘Live At The Clubhouse’ album, recorded in 2000 in front of only 50 people at their home studio.

It’s always a tough call when it comes to live albums, whether they can truly leave their studio sibling behind and have a life of their own or not but Tom Tom Club are a band that were born for the stage.

There’s something about this music that just wouldn’t fit quite as well in a strict studio environment and it feeds on energy, ‘Genius Of Love’ and ‘Worldly Rappinghood’ are sugary enough to satisfy your sweet tooth as the reggae roots and danceable qualities play on your animal instincts.

With chirpy beats, disc scratching and rapping mixing this bag up there isn’t much time for rest and Tom Tom Club begin to be almost too much fun and make CBBC presenters look mardy, no one is this chipper. The lyrics get worse too with the school disco ‘Who Feelin’ It’ being one to flick past and it all gets a bit Christian rock in ‘Holy Water’ (“Come on come on, drink some holy water, take the lord with you, take the lord with you.”)

Accompanying the main LP is a bonus CD featuring new ‘Genius Of Love 2001’ remixes by an array of DJs including Money Mark, Mexican Institute Of Sound and The Pinker Tones, if that’s your thing.

On the whole, not essential listening.

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