Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Alvarez Kings/The Violet May/The Wallbirds/Ian Britt - LIVE

Soyo, Sheffield

March 14

Monday nights at SoYo are fast becoming a popular event and when South Yorkshire’s talent is being made so easily accessible for no pennies at all, it's hard to ignore the invites.

It’s with a shimmer and a shine that Ian Britt soulfully battles the conversation as he runs through original material and a cover of Michael Jackson’s ‘The Way You Make Me Feel’ to set the scene in the packed four walls of the club.

Being one of the region’s most talked about bands of three years ago, the Wallbirds have somewhat vanished from the radar but their folk shuffles and acoustic swaggery remain the same. Their set is delivered with a perfection that’s dashed with an arrogance which elevates the simple three piece to something much better than their petit frame suggests.

As they run through ‘The Avenue’ and ‘Lyin By The Side Of You’ it’s clear to see they’re not done just yet.

The Violet May have history with SoYo. Chris McClure’s argument with a chandelier has become something of recent folklore and as he energetically stalks the stage, mic stand spinning freely in his unconvincing clutch when he sporadically joins the crowd, it’s impossible to know what might happen.

It’s on the live stage where this band really come to life with wailing guitars and fuzz saturating ‘Brighter Or Better’ and their forthcoming single, ‘TV’,  leaves disco balls swinging precariously as they leave the stage.

It’s going to be a busy week for Alvarez Kings. After tonight’s show it’s off to Texas for SXSW Festival for gigs on the 17th and 18th before heading back to Sheffield for a St. Paddy’s shindig in a big white tent.

Their generic indie ramblings have caught the attention of a wide public audience and it seems that tonight, the people are largely here for the headline act and they duly whip through crowd favourites with a raw ferocity that provokes you into paying attention.

Sheffield wins.

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