Wednesday, 30 March 2011

John Fairhurst/Carl Woodford/Jody Wildgoose – LIVE

Club 60, Sheffield

March 19

As the dull twinkle of fairy lights and soft burning candles fight the darkness that engulfs the arched brick walls of Club 60, the dull hubbub of chatter subsides as Jody Wildgoose begins to strum his guitar.

For a name that’s not largely known, Wildgoose holds the attention of a crowd that listens to him croon heartbreak, love and lies with rapt attention. The soft folk sensibilities that surround the lone figure, with his head raised high, ring true and make you aware that Wildgoose has his heart on his sleeve.

Carl Woodford is a guitarist that keeps himself in the shadows. 

With 2010 being a quiet year for the songwriter, tonight he shows his muscle as a true guitar pro and his fingers work in a unison that the most well organised army of ants would be proud.

Woodford hits his stride with ‘To The City’ and jokes with the crowd about the Dutch courage stored in a small, silver hipflask that’s kept close-by before he brings the house down with strumming and drumming (at the same time) in 'Coloured Walls' that would put many three-piece bands to shame.

Headline act John Fairhurst has built up a reputation as one of the finest new guitar players around and as he begins his set with ‘Pay Day’ and ‘Daylight’, a Batman-like growl comes from beyond a veil of long hair to join finger picking blues that cuts holes through the subtle backdrop.

It’s Fairhurst’s birthday and after a chorus of the ceremonial song, he laments on his time in New York before continuing a largely instrumental set that keeps the crowd encapsulated by the astonishing use of an acoustic guitar.

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