Tuesday, 15 March 2011

The Winter Olympics – I Miss The Nineties


Out Now

Office Rock

It’s the follow up to their much lauded debut A-side single ‘Attention All Departments/They Launched A Probe’ and the Winter Olympics are turning up the heat.

Like its predecessor, ‘I Miss The Nineties’ is jam-packed with synth, heavy guitars and wailing vocals but it holds a flame that their previous single couldn’t keep alight.

The incandescent nostalgia will strike a chord with anyone who lived through the 90s and remind them of what was once good and even if the Winter Olympics are still overblown and brash in their approach, there’s a likeability that didn’t exist with their spaced out stoner breed of alien synth psychedelia.

God bless Cantona, the Megadrive and Terminator 2.

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