Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Wolf Gang – Dancing With The Devil


Out Now


There has been much talk about Wolf Gang and the hotly tipped, yet to be released debut album, ‘Suego Faults’.

Having teamed up with producer Dan Fridmann (MGMT and The Flaming Lips,) Wolf Gang’s sound has grown from the days of the home produced ‘Pieces of You’ into a polished and  poignant dish of songsmithery that has begun to attract attention from all sides of the musical spectrum.

With a nucleus of euphoric pop that twists and turns with harmonies, buzzing guitars and sharp drums Max McElligott begs the question: “If you’re the chosen one, how does it feel to be loved by no one? If you’re the number one, where do you run to? Can you hide behind the sun?”  

‘Dancing With The Devil’ belongs in that summer sun and will undoubtedly fill festival goers with an undiluted joy as McElligott’s penchant for writing likeable tunes continues and further lifts the anticipation that surrounds the curtain raiser to his LP career.


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