Monday, 18 April 2011

My Head Radio – Reality Cheque


Out Now
Hotblack Records

My Head Radio have never collaboratively met.

It can do bloody wonders the internet and yeah, it might be a soulless way to purchase your music but if the advert has shown us anything, it can make new relationships blossom.

Compiled of four musicians connected by the World Wide Web, all sharing a love for funk, jazz and hip hop, the electronically built group that spans two continents have hit their second album despite an array of studio, maternal and equipment complications, on top of their geographical differences.

Reality Cheque is a peculiar concoction of jazz and lo-fi rap that chills and swings mischievously with horns and funky bass. It’s not without its charm in parts but as predictably as your average internet date goes, it falls short.

The superb jazz fusion of ‘Up To You’ and the non-violent message of ‘Cease Fire’ provide highlights but it takes a while for the Atheist rambling longevity of ‘Big Foot Prince’ to convey it’s message: “I see through your ruse and refuse your command, I’ve tried all the scoops in your ice cream stand, drafting a plan to melt your deception, what if I’m the man with a biblical lesson.”

From the outside it might seem that My Head Radio have moves so smooth it's going to be a done deal but that charm eventually becomes as plastic as her breasts and the beats as predictable as his next profile picture.

While it’s not difficult and it’s not offensive, Reality Cheque is just as boring as the conversation the next morning.

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